Kurtosh comes to Raanana

Kurtosh, a Hungarian bakery named for the Hungarian pastry by the same name, has several branches in the Tel Aviv area; several weeks ago, a branch opened in Raanana. I have tasted very excellent baked goods in this country but I have to say that the baked good at Kurtosh are exceptional. We once made an evening run to Tel Aviv just to get some of their cake. Without a doubt, the tri-chocolate babka is the best item on the menu (and best I have ever tasted) but the other desserts very good as well. I am told that soon the Raanana branch will be offering breakfasts and sandwiches. The only negative is that Kurtosh is a dairy bakery (eliminating it as a dessert after a meat meal for those who keep kosher). Let's keep Kurtosh Raanana in business!

Kurtosh - www.kurtosh.co.il - Raanana branch - 158 Achuza - 09-771-7119


Patric said…
As you may know already, every Thursday and friday a food market is hosted at dizengoff center. There is a stall there where they sell kurtosh. Its parve and actually tastier than the bakery's. They are also much more flexible when it comes to your preferences, they are willing to combine the flavors anyway you desire, even chetsi/chetsi of two different kinds of flavoring. beteavon
ana maria said…
We live in Raanana and have just discovered the new "Kurtosh" spot on Ahuza.
This unique Hungarian pastry is well worth a walk down and up Ahuza.

I wish the owners success & prosperity.
Sarah said…
I love kurtosh! had it for the first time in Romania and was so happy to find it in Israel when I got back (in Rishon). Glad I found your blog!