Nachalat Binyamin and Cafe Birnbaum

Nachalit Binyamin is the name of a street in the southern part of Tel Aviv.  The street contains lots of fabric stores and is reminiscent of the garment district in New York City down to the gritty feel.  On Tuesday and  Fridays, there is also an arts and crafts market with various artists displaying their wares. It is a lot of fun.  And after you have perused all the artist stands, you can have lunch at Cafe Birnbaum which is an adorable cafe with an array of hot and cold salads and 45 shekels gets you a plate that can be filled and refilled. 

Nachalat Binyamin Street Fair -  Tuesdays and Fridays at the end of Nachalat Binyamin
Cafe Birnbaum - 31 Nachalat Binyamin - 03-560-0066